Choosing The Best Stroller For Your Family


Let’s get one thing straight. Choosing a stroller is no walk in the park. It’s a headache-inducing-overwhelming-pain-in-the-pants.

The other day I posted a question on my personal Facebook page asking advice, opinions, and reviews of double strollers. We’ve just begun to dip our toes in the market and wanted to know what our friends loved and hated about theirs. I was blown away by the responses. It seems that the baby-hauling-industry is a complex one. In fact, I’ve seen less thought out, researched and passionate debates on other seemingly important topics like healthcare and national security.

So what’s the big deal anyway? Strollers are nothing more than a patch of canvas on wheels used to get the munchkins from point A to B with the least amount of meltdowns. Right? WRONG.

The stroller consumer now has to decide if they want their kiddos to sit side-by-side (“Mom, HE’S touching ME!”) or in a single file line (“Mom, SHE’S kicking ME!”). Not to mention, the number of wheels (3 or 4). Plastic stroller wheels or rubber tires? Will the front wheel turn or stay stationary? Lightweight or heavy-duty? Does it fit through a standard door? And on, and on, and on.

“Sorry kids. We can’t go for a walk because Mommy’s STILL researching strollers.”

When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, it’s a personal choice. What may work for your family may not for mine. So, make a list of your needs and wants and then decide what activities you’ll be using it for most of the time. Here’s our wish list:

  1. Sun protection — It MUST have large canopies to help protect our kiddos from the sun. Elia’s health is dependent on this feature so it’s non-negotiable. And, really, who DOESN’T want to protect their kids from the sun? 
  2. Size/width – It MUST fit through a standard door because, “ain’t nobody got time for that.”
  3. Comfortable ride.
  4. Easy to open and fold up.
  5. Oh, and, we’d prefer it not cost us a gazillion dollars.

Right now, we’re leaning towards a side-by-side because of a few comments about the backseat rider getting the shaft when it comes to the view. As the youngest child I ALWAYS had to sit in the backseat of the car so I can totally relate.

We have a front-runner based on our friends reviews and hope to check them out in person soon. According to our friends that have them the strollers by Baby Jogger have hit 1, 2, 3, and 4 on our list. By most baby-gear standards they’re a bit expensive. BUT, in the luxury stroller category, they’re actually reasonably priced. If you compare the prices, to say, an umbrella stroller, you’ll most likely fall over dead. We’re trying to keep that in mind.

Next Steps

We haven’t picked the exact model and need to study the comparison chart to figure out which one works the best for us. And then, hopefully, we can get to a store that carries them and take them for a quick but focused spin to get a feel for each one and their intricacies. Regardless of what we decide, we’ll make sure to post an update and maybe it will help the next overwhelmed and over tired mom (or dad) make an easier pick.

Have you already passed this stage and are tooling around town with an amazing stroller? We’d love to know why it’s so fabulous!

Disclosure: This post was prompted by a genuine need for stroller research. Team Ibrahim was in no way compensated for this post or the information contained within. However, if Baby Jogger would like to send us a double stroller to test and review we’d be happy ecstatic to oblige. 

Stroller image via Baby Jogger website.

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